Exporting your data to your accounting software like xero, quickbooks or myob take less than 5 min per month and includes all the following features

  • Automatically adds sip trunk channels, numbers, virtual mobile numbers with SMS and call usage summary details to the invoice
  • Actual channels can be different than billable channels
  • Link multiple sip trunks to one invoice
  • Set the same or different account due dates for each customer
  • Add global inventory items to add monthly pabx licensing or monthly hosting charges automatically, you can also add these items unique to each customer
  • Automatically add call usage login details to the invoice so your customers can access their call detail records on line
  • Sip trunk reference field links to the accounting software reference field
  • Sip trunk customer details can be imported to your accounting software, not need to double entry new customers
  • Create your own billing template to suite the way you want to present your invoices to your customers