Case Study – Ray White Cheltenham & Cranbourne



  • Ray White Cheltenham (20 users) & Cranbourne (40 users), Melbourne, Australia.
  • Kyle Dorman Operations Team Leader 03 5990 9510 or 04 0846 6454







  • Real Estate

Main Challenges

  • With having multiple sites it was difficult with internal and inter office communications between staff as well as locating staff when we needed to transfer customer calls to them, our current systems were not networked and did not allow the flexibility we required.
  • We needed our staff to be mobile, the current system had no mobile options.
  • We needed a solution that still functioned 100% when our internet went down, we always lost all our phone communications when the internet went down which majorly effect our business.
  • Support from suppliers, we were looking for a supplier with exceptional after sales support in the timely fashion and cost effective, with our current provider we were not getting this.
  • We needed the ability to be able to maintain the systems basics features ourselves without having to call out an Engineer all the time, this was both time consuming and costly and you needed to be an engineer to operate it.
  • We wanted to reduce the cost to maintain hardware so we thought whats better than to get reduced the amount of hardware if possible so we started looking for a software solution in the cloud with soft phones and mobile apps.


  • PP Enterprise Group

Distributors & Partners

  • PP Enterprise Group – VoIP Consultation Services, Sip Trunks, Numbers, Calling Plans.
  • 3CX – PBX Software.
  • Yealink – IP Phone Hardware.
  • Amazon – Hosting Services.

Solution Provided

  • Hosted 3CX PBX in the Amazon Cloud with PP Enterprise Group Sip Trunking & Numbers. 3CX Mobile Apps and Yealink IP Phones for Reception and a few other key staff member extensions.

Customer Overview

  • Customer response “Due to the fast-paced nature of the real estate industry, we wanted to find a solution that would provide a cloud-based system that would give us the flexibility of removing desk phones and allow us greater connectivity across our sites, we were looking to improve our systems and keep up with the advancing technology”

Customer Requirements

  • Cloud Based.
  • Latest Technology.
  • Seamless internal communications across all our sites.
  • Staff mobility.
  • Free calls betweens sites and staff no matter where they were located on the globe.
  • Redundancy when the internet was down.
  • Able to maintain basics feature of the system internally.
  • Flexibility.
  • Lower the price to maintain our communications, unlimited calling plans.
  • Better experience for our customers by having better internal communications.
  • After sales support 24/7.

Proposed Solution

  • A 3CX Software IP based PBX, 3CX is a very feature rich PBX that can also be hosted in the cloud, we hosted it with PP Enterprise Group on an Amazon Cloud. We installed Yealink T58A IP Phones for reception phones for our two locations and also added a Yealink EXP50 expansion module to display all of our extensions on for easy of use. We installed four Yealink T21PE2 for key staff whom sit at their desks most of the time, we decrease our phone system hardware by 53 physical telephones by replacing them with the IOS & Android 3CX Mobile App. We were already using PP Enterprise Group for sip trunking services so we connected this to our 3CX PBX Cloud Server.


  • PBX hosted in the cloud
  • Both our sites now networked together
  • Calls between sites are now free calls
  • All our staff are mobile and contactable using the 3CX mobile app
  • Incoming calls to direct dial numbers now go directly to staff mobile phones.
  • Internet outages no longer stop our phones from working
  • 3CX features are available to all users
  • We can manage the main day to day requirements of the PBX internally
  • 3CX annual license means we get all the software updates as they become available which keeps our system up to date with the latest technology, also no need to keep purchasing hardware.
  • We now have a 24/7 support contract for a low annual fee, this covers us for any other more technical issues or changes to the PBX in the event that we cannot manage this ourselves.


  • Customer response “Great system, it is easy to use and has allowed our large multi-site office to communicate with freedom. The price point was low, however, the features of the system are high. Support pre, during and post-installation has been exceptional. Highly recommend Piri and his product by Kyle Dorman”

About Ray White Real Estate

  • Ray White is a household name in Australasia, a name synonymous with the property and real estate industry.Established in 1902, in the small Queensland country town of Crows Nest, Ray White has evolved into Australasia’s most successful real estate business, nearly 1,000 individual offices across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, the Middle East and Atlanta USA. Last year, Ray White sold over $45 billion worth of property. Ray White today is still a family owned business, now spanning residential, commercial and rural property as well as hotels, marine, property management and property funds investment. When you choose Ray White, you are choosing over 116 years of experience across thousands of agents around Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

About PP Enterprise Group

  • PP Enterprise Group is an Australian based business that has a focus on excellence in both product range and service delivery to our customers, we invest in and build quality cloud based solutions for businesses that help to operate efficient communications solutions. We run our own infrastructure in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, USA and Canada, we also partner with Tier 1 Carriers and other industry professionals giving us Global Access to communications networks. Our qualified, dedicated and very experienced support teams ensure that you, the business owner, are given the best solution advice and never left out on a limb. We operate 24/7. Click here for more customer reviews.
  • PP Enterprise Group are 3CX Partners and 3CX Advanced Certified Engineers, our Chief Engineer has over 35 years of experience in Telecommunications.

About 3CX

  • 3CX is an open-platform PBX for Windows, Linux and the Cloud. The phone system delivers a complete Unified Communications (UC) solution which can be integrated with other applications such as Salesforce, Google Contacts, Office 365 and more. By relying on the SIP Standard, 3CX along with its technology partners, including snom and Yealink, delivers a future-proof, best of breed Unified Communications system.With a full range of UC features integrated into the phone system, users can connect and collaborate through a variety of methods all under one platform. Video conferencing is easily accessed at the click of a button and, by using Google’s WebRTC technology, it is completely clientless and plug-in free. As a result, 3CX increases productivity, reduces business travel time and costs, streamlines operations and improve customer service, thus propelling sales.
  • Just a few of the many thousands of users of the 3CX PBX Platform.

About Amazon

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Explore how millions of customers are currently leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

About Yealink

  • Yealink is a global leading provider of unified communication & collaboration solutions. Focusing on research and development, Yealink also insists on innovation and creation. With the outstanding technical patents of cloud computing , audio, video and image processing technology, Yealink has built up a panoramic collaboration solution of audio and video conferencing by merging its cloud services with a series of endpoints products. As one of the best providers in more than 140 countries and regions including the US, the UK and Australia, Yealink ranks No.1 in the global market share of SIP phone shipments.

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