Porting numbers to PPEG

Porting can take up to 30 days from the date of application but from our experience in the past most have been completed way before that and in some cases we have had numbers ported in only few days.

While a number or numbers are in the process of being ported it is still possible to connect the customer to us while waiting for the porting. In this case we can provide temporary numbers that you can divert to free of charge, this is to assist you in making the change over process to PPEG seamless for you and your customer.

Once your customer is connected to our Hosted PBX and or Sip Trunking service and awaiting porting then we can simulate any outgoing caller ID with the customers main phone number or even a DID range for our hosted PBX extensions so that for your customer nothing appears different than before.

To request a port please go to our support ticketing system and log a ticket, we will require the exact numbers you want ported and/or number ranges if you have a larger sequential number range. We also require a copy of your customers last telephone account, we only require the account for the purpose of identification purposes.

If you have any other questions regarding porting then contact your account manager or alternatively log a support ticket with us via our support ticketing system. We respond very quickly to support tickets and we will keep you in the loop of the current status of any ports in progress via the ticket.

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